back to the blogosphere….

Ok ok….so it’s probably been about a year since my last blog post…so sue me. Sometimes life gets in the way of writing.  So let’s catch up….or try to.

Two weeks ago I started a new job as Registrar at The National Graduate School of QualityManagement. Different from anything I’ve ever done in the past, but so far I love it. The people are great and the work is interesting. Beats being unemployed.

I’m still making music whenever and wherever I can. Last Friday night I performed in a show with six other female singer songwriters on the Cape. It was the Cape Songbirds show, to raise money for local women’s charities, and it was a huge success. I had a blast, and I got to play at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod–a new venue for me. What a fun night.

I’ve been writing and playing whenever I can. My songwriting has improved, thanks to other songwriters around me who have been generous with their advice. I still get really frustrated at times, because I feel like I should be playing out more, and doing more collaborating, but it just doesn’t seem to be in the cards.  So I do what I can. What else can I do?

On the personal/family front, my first born son was recently accepted to his first choice college…he starts in August, the same week he turns 18…yikes. How can I have a son that old?? I’m proud of him, to say the least. He’s a great kid who happens to share my sarcastic sense of humor and quick wit. I think he’ll do just fine in college.

This week, I was supposed to be in Newfoundland on my mini tour…but here I am still on Cape Cod. Not my ideal situation, but sometimes life throws you curve balls. I keep thinking about my family up there, wishing I was up there for St. Patrick’s Day, missing them. Maybe next year. Maybe things will be different next year, in more ways than one.

As I can tell from past years’ posts…a lot can change in a year. Here’s hoping.


About capecodwoman

I'm a mom, musician, public servant, and insomniac.
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