Last October when I made the trip to Newfoundland to visit family and explore the land my Grandfather left behind, I never expected my life to be so profoundly changed.  It was changed, however, and is still being changed almost daily, all because of that one fateful journey. 

After spending time with my Newfoundland family, I realized how much I’d missed making music. Writing, singing, playing my guitar, were all things I’d walked away from when I started raising my boys. When I lost my father, I turned my back on my music for over a decade, not even touching my guitar in all that time.  One week in Newfoundland with my musical family, however, brought me back to my roots and my love of making music.  Upon returning home, I gave myself the deadline of the Spring to get some new songs written, brush up on my guitar playing, and get out there in front of an audience again.  Spring came all too quickly.

Much to my amazement, I followed through on my commitment. Spring came, and I went to an open mic night at a local pub.  With trembling hands and a wavering voice, I got up and played, and sang. I performed two of my own songs that night. One was called A Better Life, which I had written about my Grandfather Doyle and what he must have felt when he left Newfoundland and moved to Boston. The other song was Back To St. John’s, which I wrote after coming home from that fateful journey.  I was homesick for the place immediately upon my return to Massachusetts, but it took me quite some time to actually write the song. I just couldnt put into words the emotions I was feeling at the time. Eventually I did, and that song was the result.  Both of those songs can be found on my Facebook Artist Page www.facebook.com/ckingmusic  (click on BandPage on the left of the page).  The reason this post is called “Overwhelmed” is because of how things have progressed since that one open mic night.  After that night, I went back and did more open mics.  I started doing them at different pubs, wherever they were having open mic nights.  The more I performed,  the more confident I became. I started taking gigs, although still non-paying ones, whenever they came along.  I just wanted to get out there in front of people and play my songs.  I started to record rough demos in my bedroom, on my iPhone.  I keep writing new songs.  More people hear my songs…it has snowballed and things are now happening at a dizzying pace.   Several people have asked me where they can buy my CD…to which I have no response because I don’t have a CD out.  It did get me thinking about it, however.  I’ve since been in contact with a few different producers and studios, and I am researching all options.  It looks like I’ll be recording my first CD sometime soon.

I just never would have imagined any of this back in October when I stepped off the plane in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

I am overwhelmed.


About capecodwoman

I'm a mom, musician, public servant, and insomniac.
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2 Responses to Overwhelmed

  1. Roger Gilles says:

    Catherine you will find new things to overwhelm you and all of them will make you grow and discover new pleasures in life, for you have talent.

    2Dogs Recording Studio

    • capecodwoman says:

      Thanks so much, I truly appreciate that. I’m thrilled at how things are going, it was just so unexpected and I guess that’s what’s throwing me. I will adjust! : )

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