Open Mic

Last night was another Open Mic night at Tommy Doyle’s in Hyannis. I went, armed with several tunes including some Blue Rodeo, one GBS, and a few of my own.  There were only about ten people at the bar–a very quiet Wednesday night, but a good opportunity to gain some experience as well as roll out a new song or two.  I started with Blue Rodeo’s  “Until I Gain Control Again”,  followed by “5 Days in May”.  Then I switched over to my own tunes.  I wrote “Back to St. John’s” only three or four days earlier, and had never performed it live before.  About an hour before I left for the pub, I was changing lyrics and doing some major editing.  I sang it anyway, even though I was unsure of how the final version would eventually end up. (I’m still not sure what the final version will sound like.)  It went over well, I think.  The bartender said he liked it, as did a new friend who stopped in to listen for a while.  Then I did “Better Life”, the song I wrote about my grandfather.  Then I did “Sky”, another Blue Rodeo tune, and then another one of mine, and back and forth like that for a while.

None of the other musicians who usually show up to play had shown up, so it was just me and Bill Downes, the wonderful singer/guitarist who hosts the Open Mic nights. Because of this, I was able to do a longer set than I had on previous nights. I just wish I had been more prepared, or less exhausted.  I had been up since 4:20am, worked a full day, and then attempted to play and drink Guinness when I would normally be in bed.  I finished up with GBS’s “Sea of No Cares” and then handed it back to Bill. I was done, mentally checked out for the night. My fingertips hurt and I just couldn’t focus any longer.  I sat at the bar and had one more pint with my husband and my new friend Tanya (with whom I’d been Tweeting for several weeks) and relaxed for a few minutes.  I didn’t want to think about the next morning, or my commute, or work, or anything. I just wanted to sit there, enjoy my pint, and feel that warm buzz I always feel after I sing a really good song.  I get a physical high when I sing, not sure if that’s normal, or if other singers feel it too, but I always have and that’s why I sing.

Today I’m at work, very tired and unfocused, but happy.  Happy and excited, because my new guitar is due to be delivered today. Can’t wait to get home and see if it’s there.


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I'm a mom, musician, public servant, and insomniac.
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