new addition

I know I posted this on Twitter already, but for those who follow my blog and do not use Twitter….I have a new addition to the family…

Yep…I bought her on Ebay, a steal really. I’ve been shopping Takamine for a while now, and the one I played and loved locally was about $1000.  Needless to say, this one was MUCH less expensive, because it’s well used.  I don’t care, I view “used” as “broken in”.  My current guitar is 28 yrs old and is in great shape, but I needed to upgrade to a better brand, and I need the ability to plug-in. The noise level in pubs is too high for an unplugged acoustic.

Can’t wait to meet her!! She’s a real beauty eh?

Oh, and one more thing…the power of positive thinking is blowing me away recently.  Ever since I made the conscious decision to start playing out again, amazing things have been happening. Suddenly gigs are coming my way, totally out of the blue. And the people offering the gigs haven’t even heard me yet!   I wonder…if I make a conscious decision to play the lottery…


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I'm a mom, musician, public servant, and insomniac.
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One Response to new addition

  1. Krista Eddy says:

    She’s sure a beaut! Congrats on the addition!

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