A quick thought

As I sit on the bus, headed to Boston, it occurs to me that right now I am probably happier than I’ve been in a while. I have smiled more lately on a daily basis than I have in a very long time. All since making the conscious decision to be a musician again. I don’t know that I ever stopped being one, but I had put it aside for many years and now I realize why I always felt like something was missing. I tried to fill that space with marriage, children, a home, work, school, whatever. Nothing seemed to fill that void.  So now I get it. It took almost 20 years, but yes, I understand now. I feel like I can breathe again.

 It almost takes the sting out of having that door slammed in my face…
Music is great therapy.


About capecodwoman

I'm a mom, musician, public servant, and insomniac.
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