what’s happening these days

Wow, well so much has been happening lately, I don’t quite know where to begin.  Let me start by saying that my heart goes out to the citizens of Japan and anybody who has loved ones there. Mother Nature sent us yet another wake up call just to remind us how fragile life is, and that when it comes to our planet, there is nothing a human can do to fight a force of nature.  Thankfully, my friend Ira, who resides and works in Tokyo, is doing fine and has been Tweeting regularly, which has kept me both well-informed and reassured.  Thank goodness for Twitter, which has proven to be a real lifeline.

In other developments, it has been decided that I will travel alone this summer to St. John’s.  Airfare has been crazy lately, so for financial reasons it makes sense. Also, I think my husband realizes that I want to spend much of my time researching more of my family history, and exploring Newfoundland, and attending the George Street Festival and the Folk Festival.  There really wouldn’t be much for him to do while I’m off at the archives wading through vital records, and he isn’t much into folk music. This will also leave an adult home to keep tabs on the three young boys who would much rather be left home alone. Sorry, boys, but we’re onto you.   I will, of course, owe my husband-big time.

I’ve traveled alone before, within the US, but never out of the country. I’m not very nervous, really. I’m excited to have an adventure and have time to really explore Newfoundland on my own, and to spend more time with family.  I didn’t have nearly enough time when I was last there.   So…now the quest for reasonable airfare begins. I seriously hope fares go down some before I need to book my flight, although I can’t wait too long because the time I plan to travel to Newfoundland is a very busy week–many festivals going on, lots of tourists and visitors will be there that week.

The other new development at home is the idea of turning the now defunct Family Room into a music studio.  Ever since I was a youngster I’ve dreamed of having my own music studio in my house.  Of course, in my dreams I knew how to use all of the equipment, etc.  There is definitely a learning curve in real life.  This is what I used to record on back in the “olden times” (late 80’s)  Notice the cassette. Yeah.

Since the episode of the cracked heating/water pipe in the family room (former garage) the carpeting had to be removed, and most of the “stuff” taken out of that room.  We have become used to actually living in the living room lately, so the future of the garage/family room was unclear.  I secretly harbored a desire to turn it into a studio, but I didn’t think the idea would go over well with my husband. I figured he would want to use it as an actual garage (can you imagine?) or workroom.  I was thrilled and surprised when he agreed that it would make a good music studio.  He is aware (painfully so) that I am getting back to playing, writing, and hopefully recording my music, and he realizes that it’s been difficult for me, sitting on the floor of our bedroom, with equipment and instruments and papers spread out all over the place.  I have been tempted to storm through the living room in true diva style, huffing “I can’t work like this!!”,  but I have shown amazing restraint. It’s true, however, that at my age it’s much tougher to get up off the bedroom floor in any kind of graceful manner.  A studio will also be great for the three boys, since they are also musicians. We can put the drum set in there, along with the other instruments and amps, etc. and have one location where we can all be creative and musical. And my husband can shut the door and tune it all out.

It’s a lot to take on all at once, mind you.  Designing a music studio on a very tight budget, while at the same time learning all about recording into my laptop (software, usb interfaces, mics, chords, etc) and trying to write new tunes that people will actually want to listen to, has taken up quite a bit of my “free time”.  Of course, I don’t really have “free time” but it’s nice to pretend I do.

So, stay tuned.  I’ll be writing more as we go through the design/build process of the music studio, and I will have updates about my travel plans for anyone who’s interested.  I might even post links to completed songs once I figure out how to get them recorded and into mp3 format.

I am  also hoping  to post an update to my Justice post sometime soon.  My friend is in the middle of his trial and I’m getting regular updates. I will post an update once there is a conclusion or decision about his future. Hopefully it will be a happy post.

Feel free to send me ideas for songs. I need all the help I can get. I gave an idea away last week, and now I’m questioning the wisdom of that generosity.  There is a musician from Canada named Jeremy Fisher whose music I enjoy very much. He happened to open for my cousin’s band Great Big Sea a while back at the Canada Games in Nova Scotia.  He tweeted recently that he was headed into the studio and would like some song ideas. So I responded that he should write about world peace and if it could ever be achieved, what it might look like.  I later got a response from Jeremy telling me that my post gave him an idea, and gave me a big “Thanks!”   I would love to hear the final product from that idea some day.  Then I thought, “I have to stop giving away ideas and use them myself!”  Writing about world peace is not my thing, however, so have at it, Jeremy.  Maybe I could write a song about the renovation of the family room/garage, or the struggles of a singer/songwriter who must resort to working on her bedroom floor with a dog who constantly wants to barge in and jump in the middle of it all.  I sense a Grammy nomination.


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2 Responses to what’s happening these days

  1. Jena Douglas says:

    We have a lot in common! I like your post. come check me out at http://jenadouglas.wordpress.com

  2. Jena Douglas says:

    Hello Capecodwoman!
    I have just finished writing my book called, “Change The World; Write A Song” fundamentals for the singer/songwriter and beyond. I have a bunch of ideas for getting you started on songs. I posted a link to my blog above and what I write about is how important music is in our society. If everyone were to write a song, the world would be a better place. I firmly believe that with all my heart! Everyone has a song. And if you write a song for the world that’s even better! I also have a facebook group called Change The World; Write A Song. Check it out http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_113905988687962&ap=1
    nice to meet ya!

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