Bouzouki madness

My replacement bouzouki strings came in today’s mail.  I had to get them on Ebay, because no local music stores carry strings for Irish Bouzouki.  Imagine that.  Apparently there is not enough  demand for them to warrant keeping them in stock.  Shocking.

Anyway, as I took the packet of strings out of the envelope and started to bring them upstairs to where my bouzouki has been leaning against my bedroom wall, silently mocking me, I had an inspired idea.  I’ve been doing some songwriting lately. Once I broke through my writer’s block, I wrote a whole song, and have a couple of others half written.  My idea is to write my next song on my bouzouki instead of my guitar.  That will force me to actually replace the broken string and get it all tuned up again, as well as force me to learn a few more chords.   Brilliant!  Well, we’ll see.

For those of you unfamiliar with an Irish Bouzouki, here are a few clips I’ve found of various musicians playing one. 

This is the actual Irish Bouzouki that I own, purchased in St. John’s, Newfoundland at O’Brien’s Music.

The next clip is Great Big Sea, with my cousin Alan on Bouzouki, and this time he has his wah pedal hooked up–rock n roll!

The next two clips were tutorials I found online.  Is there nothing you can’t learn on YouTube?

I even spotted an Irish Bouzouki in Keith Urban’s latest video, believe it or not.

So…I’m going to try to write my next song using my beloved Irish Bouzouki, purchased in Newfoundland, a place I love. I’m hoping all that love will manifest itself in my music, and become an inspired creation that I can share with the world. There’s nothing I like better than a good challenge, and this will surely be just that.  I’m up for it, as long as I don’t break anymore strings.


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I'm a mom, musician, public servant, and insomniac.
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